Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lara Webster

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Her journal below as of yesterday:

EEK! I just erased everythng I just said. First of all, thanks to all of you who have sent encouragement through this site. We will cherish all these prayers. Second, keep them coming. We need it!!
So, today was interesting. I had a CT scan...easy. But I also had to have a radiation mask made. This mask covers the head, face and part of the bust during radiation treatments. It is like a wet net when they throw it over your head ! Then you have to keep still while it hardens.....I mean hardens to your face. It was very tight on my nose, mouth, and neck. Needless to say, people like me with claustrophobia are not having a good time during this procedure. Thankfully the nurse was wonderful and the technicians as well. However, I think they all decided a little sedative may help during the actual treatments since I will have to wear the mask every day when I go in. Pray for peace!
Our next appointment is Monday with the medical oncologist. It is her job to monitor my chemotherapy and blood counts, etc. Then, next Thursday I have a "simulation" treatment followed by a real treatment on Friday. Everything takes time. But, in His time.....

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